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Hotel Category :3 Stars Hotel
Hotel Chain :Local Chain

Location description :
Le carillonis are located 12 Kms for Zaarour slopes . Tennis courts and foot-ball fields are nearby the hotel. The Beirut International airport and downtown Beirut are 20 Kms from le Crillon Hotel Broummana.

Hotel general description:
This accomodation's location in Broummana allows for quick and easy access to central Beirut and offers gorgeous views of the Sannine Mountains. Guests of the Le Crillon Hotel enjoy both international and Lebanese cuisine from the onsite restaurant.

Spend a day inside relaxing at the hotels luxurious swimming pool or Jacuzzi. For the more health conscious guests at the Le Crillon Hotel, there is an onsite fitness center available offering aerobic classes and weightlifting assistance. Business travelers may take full advantage of the fully equipped business center and conference rooms throughout the Le Crillon Hotel.

Hotel Facilities and services :
24-hours Room Service - Non-smoking Rooms - Barber & Beauty Salon - Massage services - Jewellery Shop - Fully-equipped fitness center - Wireless Internet Connection - Outside Catering Service - Same day Laundry and Dry-cleaning - Babysitting - Valet Parking Services - Car Rental - Sauna & Jackousi - 24-hour Foreign Currency Exchange - Mobile Business Centre , Swimming Pool .

About Broummana:
As most of the villages, Brummana has an Aramaic name which most probably means house of Rammana, the God of Air, Storm and Thunder: In the location where Brummana was built it was thought that the god “Raymond” in Aramaic or “Ramano” in Assyrian lived in, which gave the name “Beit Roumana” (or House of Roumana), and it is known that the letter B at the beginning of the name of villages refers to “Beit” in Arabic meaning “House” in English.

Summer is usually dry in Brummana and begins in early May and ends in mid-October. Summer temperature rarely exceeds 30 deg C, with a lower limit of around 20°C (68°F). Its relative humidity in summer runs at 68%. Winter is wet and mild with temperatures ranging between 5 and 18 deg C, with the occasional snowfall.

Brummana is one of Lebanon's main summer resorts due to its relatively cool climate. Sitting on top of a pine-forested hill, the town offers visitors spectacular views over Beirut and the Mediterranean coast. Brummana attracts thousands of Arab tourists every summer, eager to escape from the hot and arid climate of the Persian Gulf. The population of Brummana rises to 60,000 during the summer months from a low of about 15,000 in winter when the weather is cold and often snowy. [3]

One of the principle attractions of Brummana is the famous Lebanese restaurant "Mounir" who attracts people from within the country as well as from abroad.

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