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Beirut has always had a reputation for its great entertainment and nightlife, and as the city recovers from the Civil War, this is once again a feature. The areas of Gemayzeh and Monnot are two of the most popular for nightlife, with a good range of bars and clubs. Meanwhile, there is a rich cultural history in Beirut and this is reflected in its interesting theatre and music scene, and its international festivals


Beirut has been known for its great nightlife since the 1960s and with the reconstruction since the Civil War, the city's nightlife is thriving once again. Gemayzeh district has started to become a popular nightlife area, with some original bars and different music styles on offer.

Centrale is known for its fine dining and stylish first floor bar. Bar Louie has a mixture of jazz, blues and local acts as well as some good tapas. There are also a number of small fashionable bars and a great range of eating options in this part of the city. Check Buddha bar-very stylish indeed.

The area of Monnot is one of the most popular, with a mixture of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Element and Crystal are bars with a reputation for their food as well as music. Hole in the Wall is a British-style pub that has become a second home for many ex-pats, and bars like 37° and Ice Bar are popular with university students. For serious drinkers, Pacifico is known for its vast range of drinks.

For many, the bars of Gemayzeh and Monnot are just the start of the evening, and there are some after hour's clubs that don't start to get busy until after 01:00. BO-18 is one of the most popular of these bars and it is particularly known for its retractable roof that allows you to party under the stars.


Since the end of Civil War in the early 1990s, theatre and music in Beirut has made a resurgence and there are now a number of theatre and music venues. The Caracalla Dance Theatre is one of the most well-known venues in the city, with a blend of traditional and modern dance.

Traditional Lebanese folk music is very popular, and is a blend of Arabic and European styles, with a recognizable French influence at times. Folk dancing is also popular and widely practiced.

The restaurant Nahr Al-Founoun on the Pont de Nahr Al-Kalb is particularly known for its traditional music and dance. For live music, the Blue Note on Makhoul street and Strange Fruit are both respected venues; Blue Note focuses on jazz and Strange Fruit has more of a mixed bag, with some jazz and local bands.

There are a few theatres in Beirut; the Al Madina theatre was opened by a well-known Lebanese actress and is gaining in popularity. The Beirut Theatre is characterised by modern and original performances, while the George V and Atennee theatres also offer an interesting programme of events.

Performances in Beirut can be in Arabic, English or French, depending on the specific production

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