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How can I check hotel availability? With The high volume of reservations, our consultants have the ability, to do individual availability checks for clients. When browsing our database and searching for any service provided over HARS7 by service suppliers, you will find the "BOOK" button located next to each single service provider name. When the book button is available, it means the service provider is currently available with instant confirmation for what you have requested in the main search page, and once you submit your request, you will receive confirmation immediately. If the book button is currently unavailable and replaced by any other button, it means that the service provider doesnt have any availability and request must be send to the service provider for confirmation. To allow us to proceed with your request, we require you to submit a reservation form with your credit card details. Please note that we request your credit card details as a form of security ONLY. It won t be charged until the booking has been confirmed by the service providers. When I search for a service provider, all service providers come up as being "UNAVAILABLE". Why is that? The service provider is fully booked and has no availability for the dates you have selected. This usually occurs during peak season or special events (New Years Eve-Local Festivals - Conventions...). Top

Booking Information

I have submitted my reservation form and credit card - what happens now? Once you submit your reservation form and credit card information, your accommodation request will be processed as quickly as possible. However, Some delays may occur due to our service providers processing requirements. Depending destination, this may take from 1 to 3 days. If the hotel you chose is available for the dates you specified, your booking will be finalized and your credit card will be charged. If you wish to cancel your booking after this, you will incur a cancellation fee or a no show fee. If the hotel is not available, we will contact you with a suitable alternative and no payment will be incurred. How long will it take to confirm my booking? You can check on the Current status of your request at ANY TIME, through our Reservation/ Details form. You can visit this page at any time to see real-time status of your request, and to amend/cancel your request, if required. **Disclaimer: Whilst we endeavor to process your booking request according to the availability of what you have requested, occasionally we are unable to finalize your request so quickly because of the public holidays and time zone differences How can I amend or cancel my booking ? Should you wish to amend your existing booking, please use our reservation/send upgrade form? In which an early checkout out request is also available in it, for activating your upgrade request please use our reservation/upgrade/activate for canceling your existing booking kindly use our reservation/cancel reservation. Once my booking is confirmed, how do I access my Voucher? As soon as your reservation has been confirmed an electronic voucher will be automatically generated by HARS7, as for re-showing that voucher kindly use our Reservation/display voucher. What happens if there is a problem with the service provider when I arrive? The first step is to contact the service, to see if the matter can be settled directly. If you continue to have problems, that require our attention and cannot be solved by you. Please call our nearest customer support service office as soon as possible. Should the issue require you to move form your chosen service provider to another one, we will make every endeavor to meet your needs. I have lost my voucher,what do i do? To get another copy of your voucher, please go to our reservation/display voucher and the voucher can be printed on the spot. How do I check on my upon request reservation for a service provider ? As soon as we receive your upon request reservation is confirmed by the service providers, an email will be sent to you informing you that your upon request reservation was confirmed by the service provider with a link to Hejouzat web site. My Confirmation Voucher was generated by HARS7, but when I called the service provider directly to check on my booking, the Hotel informed me they were not holding a room for me. What do I do now ? Some of the services providers with which we book accommodation for our clients have allotted a number of rooms to our company each day. We then allocate your Name list to these available rooms. We keep all your details on file, until we submit the full Name lists and details of each booking, a set number of days before the check in date. So please do not be alarmed if the Hotel does not have your booking details, as they are on file, and will be submitted closer to your check in date. If you have any queries regarding your booking, please contact our Customer Service Centre using the Contact us Form. How can I request an early checkout? If you want to request an early check out or a late check out, kindly use Reservation/send upgrade/ early check out form. **Pease Note: Early check out are subject to availability provided by the service supplier. We can advise the service provider of your request, and they will try their best to accommodate your needs. Top


Is it safe to use my credit card ? Your credit card details are encrypted onto our database using 256-bit SSL. It is stored securely at all times and will never be shared to an unauthorized third party. Hejouzat also has a digital certificate from That Server CA, an industry leader in protection and management of data transmission and storage. Do I have to send my credit card details online ? We encourage all our clients to submit their credit card information via our secure online credit form. This makes it easier for us to process your booking requests quicker and more efficiently. When will my credit card be charged ? If your booking has Instant Confirmation, your credit ` card is charged for the full amount immediately after you submit the credit card form, and the Confirmation/Accommodation Voucher will be generated automatically. If the booking is on request, pending confirmation from the service provider, or we are waiting for an answer from you regarding your request, your credit card will be fully charged ONLY when we receive confirmation from the hot-el or yourself. I don t have a credit card , can I pay cash on arrival ? We do not accept payment by cash on arrival at the Service Provider. All bookings through our service require pre-payment by credit card only. Which credit card types do you accept ? The cards we accept are: Visa Card and Master Card. Where can I find contact details for a service provider? The service provider s street address is shown on the search page result in which all details are included. How do I find directions to the hotel? The location information of the service providers is listed on the search result page, in which a picture is available by clicking a picture on your left hand. This can also help identify the distance from the hotel to certain landmarks or the airport. Is breakfast included in the room rate? Many hotels include a buffet continental breakfast as part of their room rates. While others, offer it as a separate service. This Information can be found on booking page or as a promotion, if bb rate on the booking page is zero that means the breakfast is included by the rate, but if the BB is set to be chargeable that means breakfast is not included by room rate. Do I need to add Breakfasts to my Itinerary if the room type I booked says it includes breakfast? If the room type you book is, for example," Standard Room including Breakfast", Breakfasts do not need to be added to the Itinerary. But if the breakfast is not included you will need to add any extra breakfasts to the Itinerary if required. Top


Is the room rate per person or per night? All room rates are per night, unless otherwise specified. The rates are not applicable during New Year s Eve and other special events and are subject to change. The price is guaranteed upon receipt of final payment. All rates as per this website. Are taxes included in the rate? All taxes and charges ARE Included in the room rate. Top


How do I become a member ? Hejouzat Membership is FREE! There are no joining or subscription fees and the program is open to any individual, corporation or club/society. You can simply register by: Filling in, the Hejouzat Membership Applications form.

Security and Privacy

Why do I need to provide my personal details to Hejouzat ? We ask for your details as they are required for completing your hotel reservation or when you re signing up as a new member. Your personal information will stay safe and secure. It will only be disclosed to third parties such as hotels to process your reservation. How can I be assured that my personal data is secure ? Your personal Information is safe and secure. It will be displayed to third parties as hotels only as part of the transaction you make with us. We do not sell or trade personal information for marketing purposes. See our Terms and Conditions form for further details. Top

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